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Home Workout against Shoulder / Neckpain

Home Workout against Shoulder / Neckpain

Anamnesis Sheet


An anamnesis sheet is a documentation form for recording the medical history (anamnesis). In addition, important information about the current level of performance and current health fitness can be recorded via the medical history sheet.


You can download the RPC medical history form by clicking on the PDF symbol and then send it to me and fill it out.


Don't worry

Sending the medical history form does not mean that you are facing costs or that we have concluded a service contract. I look at your sheet and then come back to you to discuss our next steps.

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Anamnesebogen Seite 1
Ananesebogen Seite 2

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A training plan specially designed for the needs of those who spend their day-to-day work in the office and are plagued by the associated pain in form of shoulder and neck tension and / or pain in the lumbar spine.


You don't need any special equipment or extensive fitness experience for this training plan. It was completely created towards a workout in your own 4 walls and includes explanations, a stretching routine, a strength and a cardio workout.


You can download it as a PDF using the download button.


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RPC Home Workout Cover
RPC Home Workout Inhalt
RPC Home Workout Erklärung Ausschnitt
RPC Home Workout Glossarausschnitt

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