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The Strength Program specifically designed for the needs of the American Football Athlete


It is always great to see that more and more athletes around europe are trusting not only their offseason work and therefore their direct preparation for the upcoming season, but more importantly their health into my hands.


My goal is to get you ready for a goal crushing offseason, which will set you up for domination once football season starts.

I‘ve started the Offseason Strength Program back in 2019/20, after I was contacted by NEW YORKER Lions HC Troy Tomlin to help out rookies and/or aspiring new players with their athletic performance in the gym during offseason. 6 players received an individual full offseason workout routine consisting of 4 phases, each phase being between 2 – 5 weeks of length and consisting of 3 - 4 strength sessions with an additional conditioning session per week.


I‘ve spent weeks researching and preparing the best football specific exercises that not only focus on performance enhancement in the three main exercises used to safely measure strength – which are Barbell Bench Press, Barbell Back Squat and Pull Up -, but that transfer as much onto the field as possible as well.


I‘ve combined years of my own experience as an american football player and knowledge as a personal trainer with the input and knowledge of well-renown athletic performance guru Joe Defranco to create the best possible program to cover a full offseason worth of athletic performance training.


The results of the first  Offseason Strength Program were incredible! All players worked absolutely hard, which resulted in improvements in all categories with some players increasing their strength level by 33%! The second Offseason Strength Program, which started in the offseason 2020/21 had even greater results, with increasing Squat performance by 66,5%!


Over the past two years the program developed. Different programming of sets, reps & percentages to optimize strength delevopment and regeneration, nuturitional & supplemental recommendations to keep your weight goals in check and now in this program the biggest update: Automatic performance adjustment!

If you want to take your Offseason to the next level and dominate your opponents once season starts, it is your time to join the RPC STRONG AF Program!

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